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Making their Seattle debut, AXIS Dance Company is one of the world's most acclaimed and innovative ensembles of performers with and without disabilities. Founded in 1987, the company has become a jewel of contemporary dance and disability culture, paving the way for a new, powerful, contemporary dance form-physically integrated dance. Winner of seven Isadora Duncan Dance awards and featured on the nationally broadcast television show So You Think You Can Dance, AXIS will change the way you think about dance and the possibilities of the human body forever.


Full of Words

The Narrowing

What if Would You

Full of Words (2011)

As if peering through the windows of three different rooms, UK-based choreographer Marc Brew challenges us to think about how we might exist with each other in passion and conflict. The physical conversations, encounters and interventions told through Brew's edgy, intricate movement vocabulary, ask questions of what it is to be human and who might dance. For Mature Audiences.

The Narrowing (2010)

Choreographer Sebastian Grubb investigates performer as subject and object-sliding between various stances such as passive audience member, virtuosic dancer, objectified figurine, and sarcastic critic. "...a work that explores competition and support between two almost-equals." -Rita Feliciano, Dance View Times

What If Would You (2013)

Named by the Village Voice as "A choreographer of superior intelligence, lyricism, and wit," Victoria Marks will create her second work for AXIS based on "If/Then" statements: studying the ways we make sense of conditionality and ways in which this logic creates unreliable truths. Marks will explore movement built on If/Then statements, and draw inspiration from actual conditional statements from the AXIS community. With music composition by Beth Custer.

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