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Book signing for "The Easy Way is Always Mined"

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Book signing. Meet author of The Easy Way is Always Mined, E. Nelson Stiles. All proceeds fund the public charity, Glass Bottom Boat Tours Inc. There are dozens of inside Army and Navy jokes, riddles, puzzles and encrypted messages in Tracers Work Both Ways. The key story points are inferred, hinted at and when clear, they are only described once.

The characters are based upon people whom I have known - some I still know thanks to the modern marvel of social media.

The Easy Way is Always Mined has half the pages of Tracers Work Both Ways. The key story points are mentioned a minimum of three times and there is only one puzzle and one encrypted message.

Most of the characters carried over from the first book with a few more added, a few dropped. I've known lots of folks - all unique, most slightly twisted, just like everyone else.

The first book incited lots of reaction, mostly negative. This was because most readers had no idea how autonomous guerrilla units function. I sure hope they never find out the hard way. I receive polite nods for the second book in that it's pretty much a cookie-cutter story arrangement with a nice, happy ending. Kind of typical, actually. Except for the opening scene . . .

What I would like everyone to know (those who know me already do) is that I'm not writing these stories for fame and glory. It's to help fund the boat charity. Most of the crazy scenes are from real experiences in 30+ years of world travel as boat trash.

It's a hard core world and these two books attempt to describe it with different approaches.

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