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The Laredo International Fair and Exposition, better known by its acronym L.I.F.E., is a non-profit organization founded in 1963. L.I.F.E.'s main mission is to promote the areas of agriculture, horticulture, home economics, and the vocational/industrial trades. L.I.F.E. is governed by a twenty-four member Board of Directors. members of the board are professionals from all walks of life, not necessarily from the agriculture of ranching community.

The L.I.F.E. organization tries to carry out its mission by working with and for the youth of the community, specifically those involved in the vocational/industrial clubs, and county-wide 4-H Clubs. The relationship between the organization and these young individuals is of mutual benefit. Because L.I.F.E. exists for them, members of these clubs are willing to help out with improvements to the grounds, such as cleaning the grounds, painting and repair of buildings, and even building fences or pens for their animals projects. L.I.F.E. in turn provides these clubs with the use of the facilities for clinics, workshops, meetings, fund-raisers, and other activities.

L.I.F.E. carries out an annual fair, where students get an opportunity to compete with teir projects and sell them through an auction. The students not only benefit financially, but gain knowledge and skills in agricultural areas. L.I.F.E. also gives out ten $1,000.00 scholarships. One to a graduate in each of the high schools and one to each of the L.I.F.E. Queen and the runner-ups.

L.I.F.E. is also very aware of the community needs as far as recreation is concerned. So, even though the main function of the fair is to help students learn to raise animals, it also tries to bring in entertainment, such as rodeos and shows for the community to enjoy. Presently, the fairgrounds are used by, Crimestoppers for the Menudo Bowl, WBCA for the Carnival and Fireworks, Jalapeño Festival, Double J Pro-Rodeos, DB Promos for their Monster Truck Show and by other non-profit organizations that raise money to give back to our community.

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Event Date: Feb 27, 2013 10:23 AM - Feb 02, 2013 10:23 AM
Hours of Operation: Not Listed
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