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Mac King Comedy Magic Show

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Mac King is delightfully whimsical in his oversized green plaid suit and round plastic glasses. To the wide-eyed youngster or the young at heart, his clever sleight of hand is the most amazing kind of magic.

The Mac King Comedy Magic Show is different every afternoon, as audience members assist with the tricks and King improvises over, under, around and through their slip-ups. His style of comedy is refreshing in its simplicity. He is willing to make fun of himself instead of his guests - even when they make mistakes on stage - in order to make everyone feel welcome and entertained. You'll see and hear some jokes that have a grown-up side, but we'll keep that between us. The afternoon is kid-friendly from start to finish. Still, whether you're eight or 80, you won't be able to figure out King's secrets.

Stunts with ropes, worms and playing cards are the core of the show, and there are a dozen or more call-backs that weave all King's jokes and tricks together. We especially loved the "cloak of invisibility" number (We literally could not stop laughing.) and the return of the magician's furry friends (The tiniest cast members got the biggest cheers.). It's easy to see why Las Vegas residents have voted the Mac King Comedy Magic Show the Best Bargain Show nine times: Mac King made the tenth one disappear!

We think it'll be back by the end of the show.

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