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The Nobility of Nature: January 2, 2013 - February 16, 2013 Opening reception, Friday, Janaury 4, 5 - 7pm, light refreshments served. From the desert and mountain vistas of the Southwest, through the plains of the Midwest, the lush forests and lakes of the Northwest and the dramatic landscapes of Europe, Asia and South America, come and view the vistas created by our artists. This exciting multi-media show will have a view for everyone! The Nobility of Nature: January 2, 2013 - February 16, 2013 Opeing reception, Friday, Janaury 4, 5 - 7pm, light refreshments served. Prior to Prescott Fine Arts Association's name change to Prescott Cetner for the Arts, which took place officially on September 1, 2011...Did You Know?

  • Through about 1996, PFAA produced 120 plays, 48 musicals, five operas/operettas, 21 melodramas, six Readers' Theatre productions, 21 variety shows, and two murder mystery dinner shows? This includes shows that were presented more than once.
  • That over 85 Children's Theatre / Family Theatre productions have been presented and during the summer there have been over 25 Theatre Workshops with a Teen Summer Stock program inaugurated in 2010
  • That PFAA sold 516 season ticket packages for the 2006-2007 season
  • That only general admission tickets were sold for productions until the 1990-1991 season
  • That the Sacred Heart Church, which now houses the theatre/art gallery complex started construction in 1891, and that their first service was held in 1895
  • That the theatre and office structures are on the National Registry of Historic Buildings
  • That the alter was situated in what is now the center of the stage, and that the confessional was located in the area of the current ladies restroom
  • That the stained glass interior circles above the audience area are part of the original church architecture as are the metal walls and ceiling
  • That open auditions are held for every mainstage and Family Theatre production plus many of the concerts
  • That PFAA performed world premiers of four musical productions, one melodrama and numerous children's plays
  • That the staff consists of only one full time and two part-time administrative employees, a Technical Director via AmeriCorps, and two part-time personnel
  • That everyone else involved in the year-round operation is a VOLUNTEER with the exception of rehearsal pianists and musicians for musicals
  • That the PCA volunteer theatrical company has included several former professional directors, actors who have appeared in national touring companies, movies and TV commercials, and a costumer with more than 20 years of professional experience
  • That during the first few theatre seasons all of the artwork was displayed along the walls of the theatre
  • That until 1985 there were only 155 seats in the theatre, all between the pillars? That an aisle went down both sides, a carryover from the church plan
  • That PCA supports numerous public and private school theatre productions with the loan of available costumes, props and set items
  • That some of the theatre company attended church in this building, and at least one volunteer was married in the church
  • That the theatrical good luck expression, "Break a Leg" originated in Germany? "Hals und Beinbruch" is the wish to performers in that theatrical minded country. In Italy, it is "Bocca Di Luppo" which means "in the mouth of the wolf" and the translation of what actors say to each other in Russia is "to the Devil with your granddaughter." In all cases the basic principle is that these sayings will frighten away evil spirits and that if you wish evil, then good will come. It's an interesting theory. One can only hope that it is borne out by practice.
  • That there are several ghosts - including at least one Catholic priest- that inhabit the complex? One ghost goes back to the date of the fire that destroyed downtown Prescott in July 1904.

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Event Date: Jan 02, 2013 02:48 PM - Feb 16, 2013 02:48 PM
Hours of Operation: Not Listed
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