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Rhythm of the Dance

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"Flashy costumes, lots of flashy special effects and even flashier dance and music." - St. Joseph News-Press

Internationally acclaimed as one of the finest Irish step dance companies in the world, Rhythm of the Dance is a dance and music extravaganza, reliving the journey of the Irish Celts throughout history. Featuring a live band, three tenors, 22 dancers, authentic costumes, and wonderful special effects, this performance preserves the traditions of Irish step, while adding modern theatrical excitement.

Welcome to Rhythm of the Dance, USA Tour 2013.

The Irish Dance Spectacular

This two-hour dance and music extravaganza contains a wealth of Irish talent. The show is an inspiring epic, reliving the journey of the Irish Celts throughout history. Using modern art forms of dance and music, this richly costumed show marries the contemporary and the ancient. Combining traditional dance and music with the most up to date stage technology, the show is a thousand year old story executed with all the advantages of the modern day stage show. Rhythm of the Dance has heralded a new era in Irish entertainment, internationally rated as one of the most popular and busiest Irish step dance shows in the world. Rhythm of the Dance aspires to a purity content preserving the traditions of Irish step dancing and yet presenting it in the most modern format that has made it a leader in its field. The show features a live band, three tenors & some 22 dancers. Be sure to experience Rhythm of the Dance when it performs in a venue near you. You'll be very glad you did! 4.5 million fans can't be wrong!

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