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Sofia Talvik: Sofia Talvik was born on an island just off the west coast of Sweden. At the tender age of eighteen she left behind the comfort of home for the bright lights and lonely nights of Stockholm where every experience, good and bad, would soon take the form of a beautiful, funny or heartbreaking story destined to capture the hearts and minds of all who would hear the words when set to Sofia's gentle, melodic acoustic guitar and minimalist back up of cellos, double bass and soft percussion.

After releasing a low key but critically acclaimed EP, Sofia set to work fine tuning twelve of her songs for the recording of the debut album Blue Moon. As a writer, artist and producer she oversaw every step of the process and the resultis an album where the lyrics take centre stage and the melodies provide the essence.

Blue Moon took forty intense hours to record and the end result is a collection of songs presented virtually intact from the original live studio sessions. The reasoning behind this was to make the record sound as if Sofia Talvik and her band The Tallboys are right there in your room as you let the gentle music and unfaltering, softly sung lyrics wash over you like waves of pure soft velvet. Having earnt a reputation as a great live performer, frequently playing at clubs in and around Stockholm and throughout Sweden, this is naturally the only way of bringing Sofias gentle, almost fragile voice to you and gives the album a unique sound, making it almost timeless in the sense that it could have been recorded twenty years ago as well as twenty years from now. Blue Moon was released in May 2005, and got rave reviews from press all over Sweden.

In January 2007 Sofia Talvik released the second album "Street of Dreams". Written and produced entirely by Sofia herself, this time she took it one step further, releasing it on her own label, Makaki Music. First single from the album is a duet with one of the UKs top indie icons of the last 15 years - Bernard Butler.

"It's Just Love" evokes memories of the last great "triumph over adversity" duet; "Don't Give Up" by Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush. Sofia's soft, delicate, almost fragile vocals soar over a powerful piano melody punctuated by soft percussion, gentle strings and the rarely heard resonance of an acoustic double bass.

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