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Spiritual Development Classes

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"It is not the circumstances of our life which shape us, but our beliefs about the meaning we give to those circumstances"

This program supports awakening, inner transformation and finding your higher purpose. The teachings and practices provide a foundation to strengthen your spiritual connection through letting go of what hinders you and embracing what is helpful. This focuses your natural evolutionary force and expands your potential for happiness and fulfillment. Your evolutionary force will be more fruitful and rewarding, the more it is motivated by love.

Awakening and inner transformation require an open mind and the courage to change. Real change must be contemplated, experienced, and embodied in everyday life. This process takes time and the classes meet weekly for about nine months to facilitate this. In class, participants are encouraged to share their insights and experiences in a way which enriches and supports the group while respecting the process of each individual. Participants are encouraged to exercise regularly and practice complementary activities such as Hatha Yoga and Mediation. This is discussed more in class.

There are a wide variety of topics covered in class which, strengthened by their inter-relatedness, form a broad foundation for spiritual work. Classes are presented in a certain order to facilitate the process. A topic is presented and discussed in each class. Some example topics follow.

Areas for Personal Evolution

  • The Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Bodies
  • The Evolution of Consciousness
  • Tools for Inner Transformation
  • Stages of Psychological Maturity
  • Your Life Focus
  • Diet and Vegetarianism (cooking class)
  • The Importance of Rituals
  • Will and Wisdom
  • The 7 Virtues
  • Succession of the Ages
  • Great Masters Illuminate the Spiritual Path


Contribute to the education of a more conscious human kind with regard to itself and its mission on the planet; a world society where the most diverse cultural ideological and philosophical expressions live in harmony with a total responsibility and care of the natural habitat.

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