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Let's face it: Talking to kids about safety is tough. But, as your children mature, you want them to take care of themselves while living rich, full lives. Strategic Safety Classes are designed to help you begin a dialogue and find the right words to communicate in a loving, non-alarming way.

Mother-Daughter Self-Defense: Women of all ages, their mothers and their daughters come together to learn about pressing issues facing each generation. Each class will be tailored to the needs of participants.

One participant said, " Thank you thank you thank you. What an experience! You are a marvel." Another remarked, "This class didn't stop at the end of the day. It opened up productive, life-changing conversations in our home."

And from one custom class organizer:

Just a little "Thank You" from all of us gals! Your class ignited a lot of conversation on the drive home. And many more to come. We thought you were clear, informative, and definately a confidence builder for both the moms and the daughters. Having us all in a group setting was safe for the girls but really comforting for the moms to bring up topics we definitely talk about at home... but awesome to hear girls talk about it and moms reassured that their own peers are feeling the same way is priceless. Your tools were simple and easy to remember and your thought process on the "why's" of why we find ourselves in certain situations was very clear. Loved the clothes line!

The United Martial Arts Center for Health & Well Being has been open in Danvers, MA since June 1995, and is owned by Sifu Anthony Pasquale, a 5th Degree Black Belt and his wife, Sifu Rita Rose Pasquale, a 3rd Degree Black Belt. Together, they provide training for students of all ages.

Although the main style taught at the academy is Kung Fu, the school focuses on self improvement and self discipline. The Martial Arts classes are designed to benefit both the mind and the body and our specialty is teaching people with little-to-no experience in Martial Arts & Self-Defense.

We welcome all new members to come in to try a free class. Our instructors will take you step by step through several Martial Arts basics and self-defense techniques to help you evaluate and determine which of our Martial Art programs is right for you. Best of all, you don't need to have previous experience or need to be in shape, and you don't need to be flexible or anything else to get started.

Thanks again... we will definately be passing your information on to our friends!

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